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 ETEK 10709 Digital Multimeter

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PostSubject: ETEK 10709 Digital Multimeter   Mon Jun 23 2014, 14:45

Picked this up from Wal*Mart to act as a back-up to the EMF detector already purchased.  Unknown at the time, I found out there is a thermometer setting on here as well.  AND, this will prove a most useful tool in that it can be used to measure the juice within our batteries should they become drained (or tested for power before an investigation).

All told, and after testing, I must say this tool is perfect for our needs!

Temperature accuracy is +/- 3 degrees, but gives an instantaneous read.  Not bad seeing as how this device was not designed for that function!  And another thing it wasn't meant for was EMF detection, but I've discovered a way where it can detect such fields and give a reading.  Chances are, however, that the readings are inaccurate, but I'm not looking for accuracy; I'm looking for something that can easily detect electromagnetic fluctuations, which this meter does.

To set this up for EMF readings, turn the knob to the left, within the ~V section, and place on the 2, and point it in the direction you are walking / examining.  I had a base of .008, and was able to pick up my cell phone at .012-.014, outlets up to .082, and I could measure a light bulb from about 2 1/2 feet away (.010)... right under the light it read .054.  Far more accurate... or rather more sensitive...  than the EMF detector!

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ETEK 10709 Digital Multimeter
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