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 Digital Cooking Thermometer

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PostSubject: Digital Cooking Thermometer    Mon Jun 23 2014, 14:29

originally posted July 5 2013

This item is no longer used in an official capacity, and with further testing and field investigations, this product is not recommended by NLPRS for paranormal investigations

Next up on the block is a digital thermometer.  Even though I already own one of those types that you swipe along someone's forehead (which also works really well in gauging ambient temperature), I have purchased a digital probe thermometer.

As you can tell by the image below, a probe thermometer is one that is used to give temperature readings of meats, ovens, and the like.  But, because of their nature (and the fact that they are still a thermometer), they can be used to read the ambient temperature.  The difference between a probe thermometer and an IR thermometer is distance: a probe is good for the area immediately surrounding the probe, the IR for reading whatever it is aimed at.  A probe thermometer is good to see the temperature around the investigator, the IR to "scan ahead" as it were.

So why would we want to do this?  There have been many instances where people have reported that they felt chilled, or the room temperature would drop, when a ghost or other supernatural entity was near.  It is believed that, in order to interact with our plane of existence, these entities need to draw on energy... one of which would be latent heat energy.

This particular brand has a temperature variance of + or - 2 degrees Fahrenheit , and a reading standby of one second, and takes one AG13 battery.  Everything read will be painted green, and the blue lanyard replaced with a green one.  **The lanyard is on the case.

Ugh, don't like this one.  I mean it's nice and all, and it does work, it just takes a little bit of time to get an accurate reading... you can't just turn it on and expect an instant result.  I suppose it is still good to have, but between the IR thermometer I had purchased for taking the kid's temperatures and the latest EMF detector I recently purchased (this one does take instant readings), I'm afraid this one will get lost in the shuffle.  At least I can always use it for cooking.
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Digital Cooking Thermometer
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