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 Parabolic Microphone

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PostSubject: Parabolic Microphone   Mon Jun 23 2014, 14:26

originally posted July 3 2013

In a continuation of our equipment list, I have just purchased a parabolic microphone.  I've done this because NLPRS is an all encompassing paranormal group.  We should not limit our interests or investigations to any one particular area as other groups have done.

Anyway, some specifications on this microphone are

1.  Sound distance:  100 meters
2.  Built-in Monocular:  magnification 8x
3.  Headphone jack:  3.5mm
4.  Power source:  one 9v battery

A quick image of what I bought / what it comes with...

Now, I have found ways to "boost" or "improve" this device. but I am going to hold off until I've done some field research with it.  I will be buying some accessories with this, including (but not limited to) a camera tripod and a splitter (so sounds can go into headphones and recording device).  One of the things that might be altered on this device is to increase the dish size: I've read that a large plastic mixing bowl works exceptionally well.

With regards to the paranormal, one aspect should be relatively easy to figure out: the tracking or recording of cryptozological creatures, such as Bigfoot.  In fact, there are many .wav files online that you can listen to that depict what some believe to be the sounds of these elusive creatures.  Another aspect that I just learned about today is that some parabolic microphones might be able to pick up EVP in real time; the only problem is that you would have to have this pointed in the right direction, or else you won't here anything.

This device works great!  Standing with our backs against a football field's end posts, you can hear someone talking at a normal volume... and that's even with high winds.  Would love to see what the full range distance of this is, or to see how far away someone can be yelling and still be heard.  This microphone also has a built in recorder, but that isn't worth it; only lasts for twelve seconds.

I've purchased a jack splitter and a M/M microphone cord extension, so I can have it plugged into a real recorder while I'm listening (or maybe plugged into a recorder and the tablet for live analysis?)

I've made a small stand so that I can have this sitting on the ground with the microphone pointed up (dish is removed), so that it can be used as an external microphone for EVP sessions.  Will have to test to see how well that works.
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Parabolic Microphone
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