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 Garmin Nuvi 200

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PostSubject: Garmin Nuvi 200   Mon Jun 23 2014, 14:46

This item is no longer used in an official capacity

Though this isn't an essential product in investigating the paranormal, it will go a long way in getting to where we want to go, and to assist in making sure our investigations are well documented.

The GPS function of getting to where we want to go should be easy enough to understand, even with an outdated system such as the 200.  Roads change, highways change, but final destinations do not; knowing that this system is a few years old, everything will be matched alongside the likes of Google Maps to ensure accuracy.

The main point of having this is when we are in the field.  With NLPRS' desire to ensure everything is verifiable, everything will be documented; having a GPS allows us to record (using coordinates) where our camps are located, where an event occurred, and so on so that other teams may follow and check things out on their own.  Furthermore, by having a GPS, we can go farther into the field or deep woods without fear of losing our way.

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Garmin Nuvi 200
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