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 IV DVR Car Dash Camera, generic

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PostSubject: IV DVR Car Dash Camera, generic   Mon Jun 23 2014, 14:44

What can I say about this?  It's a dashboard camera for your car with a low end IR (infrared) feature.  I'm certain the range is poor, considering the price of the unit.  I'm certain the quality of the images are poor, again considering the price of the unit.

So why did I get one?  Testing purposes only.  I wanted to see how this would fair, being low end, so that I could then base any future decision on ordering something a bit more practical.  This isn't saying that this product was a waste of money, as I can find some use for it, and it does do IR recording, although from what I have seen on youtube the range isn't what I would typically want.

Anyway, what this type of IR allows us to do (there are two types of IR equipment) is pretty much see in the dark.  The LEDs emit an infrared light, and the camera records the IR that is being reflected back.  The second type of IR is also known as FLIR, and that's the kind that is associated with thermal heat; these are pricey, real pricey.  With the LED IR system, the costs are reduced, but rely on reflected IR light.

There are some paranormal groups out there that use this type of camera (maybe not this brand, but LED IR) for ghost hunting.  Personally, I cannot see how this would work, as it is dependent on reflect IR light.  It doesn't register temperature changes, it doesn't detect energy patterns, it only reflects the light emitted by the LEDs.  This would not be able to register an incorporeal being as there is nothing to reflect... unless, of course, the being should manifest itself and allowing the light to reflect.  Ghost hunters would probably benefit more from using the FLIR as that camera system records the temperature (or energy) being emitted from whatever is being filmed.

So why did I get this?  Again, mainly to test.  I want to see how effective it is in the field while performing an investigation.  If it works good in a forested area, or a darkened house, great!  We can at least use it for night-time investigations (or I can even use it for my day job).

Product type: HD Color IR DVR Road Recorder.
Support SD/MMC Card: Up to 32 GB(not include)
Visual Angle:120 degree wide-angle
LCD: 2.5" TFT Display
Photo Format: JPEG Continuous
Recoding Time: about 3 hours
Sensor:3 million pixel CMOS sensor
Image Resolution:VGA 640 x 480
Operating System:Windows 2000/me/xp/2003/Vista, Macos, Linux
Battery Capacity: 1000 mAh Charging
Time: about 4 hours
Storage Consumption: VGA Format 1GB/about 35min
Video Format: AVI
Interface:USB 2.0
Powered by: Rechargeable Battery(include) or Car Charger(include)
Language: English/Tranditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese French/German/Korean/Italian/Portuguese Japanese/Russian/Spanish/Arabic
Movie Size: FHD: 1920 x 1080, HD: 1280 x 7520, D1: 848 x 480, 640: 640 x 480
Weight: 343 g.
Color: Black.


As a dash cam, this product works perfectly and the description is exact.  However, the IR feature of this is less than spectacular, having an effective range of 2 - 2.5 feet.  Needless to say, if you are using this camera to investigate the paranormal, if you happen to have something pop up two feet from you is likely to cause a momentary bowel release.

This isn't to say it is without some consideration, I suppose.  The camera comes with a USB charger, car adapter, and a stand that you would attach (with suction) to your windshield.  A clever person could easily set this up so that the camera and stand would be aimed at either a doorway or object or something that has been known to have been influenced by the paranormal.

But to use it exclusively as an IR camera, to walk deep within a wooded area or a darkened building?  No.  Save yourself the money and buy something a bit...  more.  This camera will serve my needs, so not all is lost.  I can set this up within a tent or my vehicle to act as surveillance while I'm in the field, in the event someone tries to steal my equipment.
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IV DVR Car Dash Camera, generic
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