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 Infinity tf700t

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PostSubject: Infinity tf700t   Mon Jun 23 2014, 14:31

I did not buy this tablet for NLPRS.  Oh no, that'd have been silly and costly; I've had this for a while... but, because of its diversity, it would be a shame not to use it.

This device is the catch-all / jack-of-all-trades.  It may not be the best replacement for any one item, although it is a fine substitute for the things we'd need it for: GPS, audio recorder, video recorder, camera.  With a multitude of downloadable apps, this tablet will easily fill the roles and demands placed upon it.

For instance, some of the apps I've installed include an EMF detector and an EVP recorder.  A lot of the applications are going to be hit and miss as far as functionality goes, and that this will be a learn as we go situation to determine what it is we need or what apps can go.

Specifications can be found by clicking this link.

And yes, the one I have does come with the removable keyboard.  This very color, too.

Still the jack-of-all-trades.  Downloaded maps to use the offline GPS feature, has a compass app (outstanding, by the way), an EVP recorder, a normal recorder app (Wavepad), an EMF detector, a metal detector, and so on.

GPS app- The built in GPS only works if you have an internet connection (or if you use a cellular service).  The key to working around this is to download your maps prior to heading out.  Seems kind of time consuming and bass akwards especially considering you've already paid for a GPS.  Haven't really tried it out yet.

Compass app- Oh my goodness, I love this app!  The free version reads as a magnetic compass and registers pith and roll (tilt and angle of tablet).  If you hold the tablet vertically it not only continues to act as a compass, but it allows you to take pictures with the compass superimposed!  Oh, in addition to having an image of a compass on your screen, it also gives a digital readout of the degrees from north.  

Recorders - They work, and you can see the sound waves / chart as it records, so it's great for analyzing the data.

EMF and Metal Detector apps- I don't know about this.  Seems to work, but haven't thoroughly tested it yet to give an opinion.
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Infinity tf700t
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