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 DT-1130 EMF Detector

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PostSubject: DT-1130 EMF Detector   Mon Jun 23 2014, 14:23

originally posted June 7 2013

This item is no longer used in an official capacity, and with further testing and field investigations, this product is not recommended by NLPRS for paranormal investigations

Our EMF detectors arrived in the mail yesterday (photos will be up by this coming weekend): two DT-1130 units.

Before I begin, let me start off my clarifying something.  What exactly is an EMF detector, and how does it relates to the paranormal?  An EMF detector registers any electromagnetic field within an area, with the range (both in frequency and in distance) pending on model used.  In the case of the DT-1130, the frequency is between 50Hz to 2000Hz.  Most household or industrial appliances generate fields within the 50 to 60 range; some detectors can go as low as 20Hz, but those tend to be more expensive and are limited to specific scientific experiments.  

With regards to the paranormal, it is believed that ghosts or other supernatural entities radiate a small electromagnetic field.  By scanning an area, one would take note of any readings, strength levels, if the reading disappears (or moves).  Finding an area that contains a reading does not mean that there is a ghost present: the person would then have to determine if there is anything within that area that could be the cause of the reading (such as a light, radio, microwave, etc).

Additionally, there is medical proof that EMFs do effect the human body / mind.  By performing a sweep of someone's home, it could be determined that what the person is experiencing isn't so much the paranormal, but something more mundane (transformers, faulty power lines / wiring).

Now then, onto the DT-1130...

This is not a high precision instrument.  You can order one for $15, give or take $5 (shipping varies by seller), so that right there should tell you what you can expect.  The physical range of detection on this rather low, but is also dependent on the strength of the signal; in other words, the stronger the signal the further it can be detected, the weaker the signal the closer it has to be.  As far as detection goes, I just toyed with it a little bit last night, and didn't have any issues.  The only thing of note was the digital display would jump about, with numbers going up and down; don't know what that was about, but then again I haven't really read up on EMF fields before either.

This was not purchased to give accurate EMF readings; rather, it was purchased simply to detect EMF fields.  Certainly higher priced units would do a better job, but first we have to see if all of this is worth it, right?

The thing I like about this unit is that it doesn't simply rely on the digital display to inform you of detection: there is a red LED that will blink in accordance to the strength of the field, as well as a chirping sound.  This will come in handy during night investigations, where light levels are low.

Something I would like to do is a side-by-side comparison with the EMF detection app I downloaded on my tablet.  I want to see if there is any notable differences between what the DT-1130 can detect when compared to the tablet.

Anyway, that's that.  I'll toss a picture of the units this evening or tomorrow.

Don't know how much I like this tool.  It is cheap (which is nice), but at the same time it is cheap, and I'm afraid that I may have got what I paid for.  It works, it does detect electro-frequencies coming from outlets to light bulbs and appliances, but it doesn't detect a cell phone.  I've bought a higher grade device, though still within the $20 range to compare; haven't compared it to my tablet yet... should do that soon.
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DT-1130 EMF Detector
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