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 a quick intro

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PostSubject: a quick intro   a quick intro I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 23 2014, 14:12

I've made some slight changes to this website, in an effort to make things more accessible, more viewer friendly.  Perhaps one of the biggest eyesores was the way I originally had our equipment list; things being posted here and there, posts being edited, no sort of grouping...

It was a mess.

Hopefully with this things will be a bit more manageable.  I've broken the equipment into categories so that things aren't jumbled about.  That's pretty much the only difference you'll find.  I'm still going to describe what we have, why we're using it, and how well it works for us.  When applicable, I'll include as much information or specifics on the product as possible, so that should anyone wish to analysis our findings, or find fault with what we have uncovered, then we can learn why together.

As we originally posted on May 29, 2013:

Quote :
Originally, I wasn't going to create an equipment page. When I see it being done on other sites, I'm left with a sinking tacky feeling. It just seems rather unprofessional, more along the lines of "ooh, look at what we got."

If they have that equipment at all. Truthfully, how are we supposed to know that the images they cut from a different site (probably an online catalog) are actually the things they use? How are we supposed to know they have that particular piece of equipment?

Answer is, we don't. We have no way of knowing what that organization is actually using. Secondly, more often than not, when a group posts pictures of their equipment, they rarely give a description of what it is: no name, no model or reference number, no information. How can something be peer reviewed if we don't know what the testing was done with? How can we research an item without knowing what it is?

So then, to all those sites that show this and that, ooh and ahh, I would like to say something. What you are doing is unprofessional and takes what we do backwards oin the field of acceptance.

With that said, I would like to repeat my opening sentence. "Originally, I wasn't going to create an equipment page." But the more I thought about it, the more it crept into my head: how could I deny the public the chance to go over my tools and findings, if I am no better than the other sites? Am I not worse, in that I wouldn't reveal what I use?

And thus, our equipment thread was born.

Located within this thread will be the items NLPRS uses for its investigations. Unlike other sites, we will provide the information on the equipment, and we will include a photograph of the item along with an NLPRS member, in an effort to show that this is an item we use, and not just an image we ripped from an online store.

NLPRS is about revealing the unknown, of bringing secrets into the light, and I for one do not want to keep secrets from you.
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a quick intro
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