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 a question for you

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PostSubject: a question for you   a question for you I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 17 2014, 10:16

I'm mildly curious about something that I've noticed on other group's pages and member lists, and I've started to see the same pattern here.  This does not relate to the paranormal or the unknown, but rather to those who exhibit an interest in such things.

In particular, it seems that a good number of followers... those people who desire to expand current understandings... tend to be female.  Not all mind you, but a good majority.  Why is this?  Is it because men, in general, are geared to focus on what they can see and ultimately control?  Is it because women, in general, tend to be more abstract, try to see or understand things from a variety of perspectives?

So then, I pose this question to you: why are you interested in the paranormal?  Keep in mind that the paranormal isn't limited to ghosts or the supernatural, but rather covers everything that falls outside the understanding of accepted science.  I would truly love to hear your response!

There is a number of different ways in which you can respond to this.  You can write a reply to this post below (it should be open to the public, so no need to join...  unless, of course, you'd like to!), visit our Facebook page and add a comment to this exact post, or email us directly (  I'll be collecting the data from all sources and compiling the results after an undetermined amount of time.

**I've always had a fascination as to the whats, hows and whys people think the way they do, so this line of thinking shouldn't be too surprising for those that know me.

a question for you Questi10
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a question for you
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