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 Rock Lake, Wisconsin

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PostSubject: Rock Lake, Wisconsin   Rock Lake, Wisconsin I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 19 2014, 12:55

Many years ago, on a conspiracy site I was actively involved with called Above Top Secret, I started a thread simply entitled Rock Lake Wisconsin. Very similar to what I did here, don't you think?

Here is the original post, dated December 19, 2007.

The Soothsayer wrote:
There has been very little said about this, and an even smaller amount of research behind the subject.

What is it?

The submerged pyramids of Rock Lake (Jefferson County) Wisconsin, mere miles from the North American Indian settlement of Aztalan.

Three books have been written on this; two by Frank Joseph (Atlantis in Wisconsin and Lost Pyramids of Rock Lake) and the third by Archie Eschborn (Dragon in the Lake). Likewise, one can find a few websites to these structures.

But what are these structures? Many experts would have you believe that they are natural formations, created by glacial deposits. After all, these experts are frequent to say, Indians didn't build with stone, let alone build things underwater.

But according to the tales and legends of the local Indian tribes, they didn't build them, but rather a pale skinned race with hair like fire and eyes like ice (sounds a lot like Celts, or perhaps the original inhabitants of China).

I've read the books, checked the sites, and have found little to satisfy my needs of discovery... so I have started to do my own research into the Rock Lake Pyramids. My first, and most astonishing, find as something that none of the outside sources touched upon, and it took some backing of a fellow collaborator to verify.

Rock Lake, and its central key structures, lies at a most unusual location. IF one uses the Great Pyramid of Giza as the Prime Meridian as many ancient cultures did, Rock Lake lies at 90 degrees lat, AND, if one figures the age of the Indian myths (the books go into greater detail), it would place its construction at the time in which the north pole was located within the Hudson bay, giving Rock Lake a long of 72 degrees. Rock Lake is a geographical marker, 1/3 distance around the globe lat, 1/5 distance around the globe long.

These findings were verified by someone whom I contacted and interviewed for ATS a couple years back, author Rand Flem-Ath, proponent of the global crust displacement theory.

Although I will end this post here, please note I will add more later... I have to be leaving for work. Thanks, and any input would be appreciated.

The original thread can be found right here.

I would suggest reading the thread as there is a nice amount of information. When you're done, why not "like" the Facebook page Rock Lake Pyramids? Or reserve the Frank Joseph books mentioned from your local library?
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Rock Lake, Wisconsin
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