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 What you should be aware of

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PostSubject: What you should be aware of   What you should be aware of I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 12 2013, 13:47

Yesterday I posted a screen shot of someone's "bio", as it was displayed within his group's website. I thought I had blocked out all the identifying markers, but as has been pointed out to me, I hadn't. I've since removed that image, and am now posting this. Given more time to think about what I wrote, in my opinion this is more along the lines of what I wanted to say.

The reason I am posting this isn't to put us in a higher standing. I am presenting this as an example (several, actually) of what to be careful or weary of when you contact a paranormal group, and some of the things you should look out for.

1. If they list degrees or certifications, you have the right to ask to see them, in addition to a course list. This is true with anything you call anyone about... plumber, electrician, mechanic, and so on. It's okay if they ask you why; tell them you are just checking on their credentials. If they cannot provide the information, look elsewhere, as this means they are being deceitful.

2. If they claim to be a demonologist (or in this case a degree in demonology), or anything else that doesn't sound right, you have the right and duty to ask for credentials. Where did he go to school? Is the university accredited? What is their standing academic-wise? And then feel free to ask them what it takes to gain a degree in that field. Use there answers to form your opinion or to pass judgment. What you think about the group is important; after all, it's your home or business you are inviting them in to.

3. Keep in mind that, if they claim a title, and that title is not recognized on a scientific or educational basis (again, demonologist), chances are that they are not, and they are saying this to make themselves stand above the crowd. It is perfectly fine to say you are a student of something, especially within a field such as this; it's quite another to claim a mastery. As an example, I have several books on medical procedures, and have watched a few autopsies and a fair share of Grey's Anatomy; however, I would never consider myself a field surgeon.

4. If the group's webpage is full of text in various colors, if there is an over abundance of flashing attention getters, if the wording, the grammar, and the spelling are indicative of a grade school persona, then you should look elsewhere. If the group cannot take the time to present themselves in a professional manner, why should you then be expected to take them seriously?

What you should be aware of Demon211
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What you should be aware of
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