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 The Fourth Kind

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PostSubject: The Fourth Kind   The Fourth Kind I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 12 2013, 15:56

Released in 2009, The Fourth Kind is reported to be a true story based on actual events, but is in fact a mockumentary. For the most part, I like this style of movie (there are a few noted exceptions... Apollo 18, I'm looking at you). What sets this movie apart from the others is its use of real actors portraying the real life people and the combining of real video alongside the movie production.

Though this movie didn't rate well with the likes of Rotten Tomato (19%) or IMDB (5.8 / 10), I found it top notch, giving it a personal score of 8 / 10.

Starring Milla Jovovich, the movie tells the story of a series of cases in Nome, Alaska, in which it turns out that people have been or are being abducted by aliens (thus the title fourth kind).

We've seen alien abduction movies before, just as we've seen mockumentaries. However, there is something about this movie that rattles? unnerves? me. The acting of the "real" people is great, but I think what hits me are the aliens themselves, and the Sumerian ties they bring; this hits rather close to my own personal beliefs, but more on that in a different post.

I recommend you watch this if you haven't already. It is on Netflix, if you happen to have that.

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The Fourth Kind
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