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 Residential, Menominee MI

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PostSubject: Residential, Menominee MI   Residential, Menominee MI I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 04 2013, 12:46

The following information was collected by me during an interview and meet and greet session with the family.

Quote :
The house in question was originally a single story, but then the previous owners built the second floor in at a later date, and then an addition afterwards.

1. Someone within the house has reported a music box being played in the second floor addition, a room that was built for the previous owner's daughter. The is no music box anywhere in this room.

2. The record player has turned on by itself.

3. The owner has seen "a flash" move across the second floor hallway to the stairs.

4. Others have seen a wisp or blur move in the hallway and down the stairs; they've also seen it move up.

5. One of the resident's woke up feeling something pressing down on him.

6. There's been a knocking sound moving throughout the house.

7. There's a linen drop chute on the second floor; the door, a couple inches bigger than a clipboard, has slammed shut. The chute is in the hallway.

8. Kitchen cabinets that have freely opened before will not; stuck cabinets will open in turn. Cabinets have opened and closed by themselves.

9. Door between house and attached garage had opened / closed by itself.

10. One of the dogs will sit at base of stairs, look up steps, and begin to bark.

11. One of the residents has stated that instead of a wisp he had seen a full apparition. Going through old photo-books, the person identified the apparition as being someone from the owner's childhood.
It has been asked that we set up a camera at the end of the hallway, to record over night.  I've ordered an IR / night vision security surveillance camera for this, that should hopefully arrive by week's end.  I will be hooking this camera up to a computer tower, which should give me plenty of recording time.
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Residential, Menominee MI
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