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 Shadow Beings

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PostSubject: Shadow Beings   Shadow Beings I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 26 2013, 16:27

What are shadow people?  In essence, a shadow person appears as a being composed of shadows.  You can see through them as a normal shadow, and take on a darker tone of whatever surface they are standing in front of (just like a normal shadow).  The darker the room, the darker they appear, as a shadow normally would.  They are not limited to being on a surface, however, as (in my own experiences) they are able to travel about a room unhindered.  They are non-physical beings, and touching one / being touched by one leaves no physical sensation.  They also seem to generate an emotional aura, ranging from mild curiosity or neutrality to dread and malevolence.  They appear simple as a person made of shadow: there is no detail, no physical features, nothing save a human shaped shadow which can be of various sizes (as a real person); they tend to be of a slender build, sometimes slight of build.

The first time I remember seeing a shadow person I was (I think) about 10 - 11 years old.  It was night time and I was lying in my bed.  I turned onto my left side and was able to see my portion of the hallway; our hallway was L shaped, with my bedroom being at the end of the bottom horizontal line in the L (my brother's room was next to mine, halfway down the bottom horizontal line, and my parent's room at the angle.  Our bathroom was at the tip of the L, and stairs opposite the bathroom, if this helps paint the picture).

Anyway, I was lying on my left side, looking out at my end of the hallway, when I saw what appeared to be an arm reaching around the corner of the hallway wall, followed by a head.  I couldn't make any details out as it was slightly darker than the hallway, but I could see this person begin to pull itself around the corner, moving along the wall as if it were crawling on it.  The worst thing about this was that it was crawling / moving in my direction.

I turned back on my bed, and as children are prone to do, I covered myself with the blanket, hoping to hide myself.  I waited for what seemed an eternity, lowered the blanket and opened my eyes.  There, on top of me, was the person who had just been in the hallway, its arms on each side of me, its head mere inches away from my face.

I have no idea what happened after that.

Chances are I've seen shadow people earlier than that.  Why do I believe this?  Have you ever seen the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind?  There's this one scene where the UFO opens up and all these little children sized aliens emerge, soon to be followed by a larger slender alien.  Just before you see the alien, when it is still basked in light, and the shadows are all over...  that scene has always freaked me out, and when it first begins to emerge, that helps describe what I had seen coming down the hallway (minus the physical details).

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Since then I have come across various "degrees" of shadow people, almost as if there is a hierarchy to them.  This is usually associated with their size and the aura being emitted.  I've also come across, or rather experienced, entities made of shadow that were not humanoid in shape.

For me, the most frequent shadow being I've seen other than a person would be a large cat.  However, it does not resemble a normal cat.  I would say that it stands about two and a half feet high at the shoulders.  The body and legs are narrow and slender; not sickly, but rather like a Siamese cat, or even the type portrayed in Egyptian cat statues.  They never really approach, they just tend to pace, lie down, or sit.  They do not give off any aura, although I have 'felt' them before seeing them.

So then, now that I have shared my tale, who is willing to share theirs?
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Shadow Beings
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