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 Rules for Posting

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PostSubject: Rules for Posting   Rules for Posting I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 11 2013, 17:20

With this being a new site, chances are we're going to be experiencing a lot of growing pains. With that said, I just want to start things of with this statement: be respectful of others.

NLPRS deals with a lot of things that people may take offense at, either because they simply do not know or because that particular subject is close to them. The first is easy to remedy; educate them through the use of facts, show them, provide evidence. The second is a bit more difficult in that we all have our own beliefs; it's one thing to debate and discuss, quite another to offend.

And by offend I mean, well... I joke about a lot of things; I can also take a joke. Just because I find something funny and laugh about it doesn't mean I am coming after you. It just means I have a bad sense of humor.

If something bothers you, comment about it, but don't expect it to be deleted simply because it offends you. I'm a staunch supporter of the freedom of speech, though with limits. It is within these limits that I pose the guidelines to posts.

1. I know I'm bad at this, but let's try to keep vulgarity down to a minimum. I believe I saw a vulgarity censor within the admin controls which I'll probably set. I don't foresee a problem with this, but just keep in mind that this is open public, covers an interesting subject, and will be prone to being viewed by younglings.

2. With our growing pains, we may not have a forum set up for every specific need. Try your best in matching your topic with the choices at hand; if there comes a time where we need to expand, then we'll expand. I think the biggest area for expansion will be the cryptids area, but we'll see.

3. Facts! It's one thing to give an opinion, it's quite an other to state a fact without support. If you are trying to prove your argument with source material, provide a link to that source.

4. Quotes! If you quote an outside source, please reference that source (author, book title, news program, whatever). I'm not saying we're going to believe you with it, but chances are you won't be believed without it.

5. Offensive! Don't be offensive, plain and simple. Any offensive behavior will result in that post being removed, as well as the author being suspended if not banned. Though I do have final say, all decisions towards this will be held by a vote of the moderators, so that it doesn't look as if I'm being unfair or whatever.

6. Research! If posting a research paper, try to keep it as professional as possible. This includes keeping references, spelling, grammar. If spelling isn't for you, download Google Chrome or Firefox, as they have built in spell checkers. Or simply write in in a document program, run the checks, then cut and paste to here.

I think that's everything. If I've forgotten anything, I'm sure someone will do something to remind me of it.
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Rules for Posting
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