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 MUFON case 70790

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PostSubject: MUFON case 70790   Tue May 03 2016, 09:43

I was asked to provide a second opinion on this case, and as such, this case is not assigned to me.

Quote :
I was taking a picture of a hawk. There was a bright round object in the sky. Don't know if it could have been the moon so bright during the day. Afterwards, I noticed weird things in the picture. Like a siluete of a sphere and something els around the shere. Towards the top of the picture. Maybe it's nothing. Hope you can make sense of it. Thank you.

While the originating investigator believed the orb within the photographs to be a lens flare, I stated that it was more than likely what is known as a sun dog; click on this link for more information.  With a lens flare, those tend to be seen after the image has been captured, while a sun dog is visible to the naked eye.  As the witness reported seeing the object before the image was taken, this led be to accept the sun dog idea.

Please note that in the images below, you can see a band of light coming from the orb, somewhat framing the sun, as a sun dog appears to do.

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MUFON case 70790
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