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 MUFON case 69652

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PostSubject: MUFON case 69652   Tue May 03 2016, 09:32

I was asked to provide a second opinion on the photos attached to this case, and as such, this is not my case, not am I assigned to it in any measure or sense.

Quote :
My wife was using her iPhone 5C to take photos at the Ellison Bluff scenic overlook in Ellison Bay, Wisconsin, on Thursday, Aug 20. There were rain clouds to the south (to the left of the sunset, not pictured). The sun was notably bright during the sunset, so she took a variety of pictures. Only later that evening did she notice the odd light/orange glow above the sun in various positions of her pictures. At the time of the photos, there was no awareness of any objects flying by (and it's a very quiet spot, so small planes can be easily heard). It was also windy during the sunset.

The originating investigator believed these to be lens flares, to which I quickly concurred with the added remark that a simple search on google images could provide the witness with many examples similar to what was captured on camera.  The images submitted with this report are below.

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MUFON case 69652
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