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 Experiment: Apps

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PostSubject: Experiment: Apps   Experiment: Apps I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 22 2015, 09:56

Luckily, within the next couple weeks, I should be posting the results of some experiments I will be conducting; in particular, or at least as it pertains to this thread, the experimentation will involve apps.

A lot of people use smart phone apps for their investigations.  Heck, a lot of clients, seeing these apps, accept them as truth, believing that the smart phone is the end all / catch all with paranormal investigations... but have they ever been tested?  

The Proposal

To have at least ten smart phones and tablets running, each with the same ghost hunting apps, all within the same general area.  In theory, if one device has a hit, they all should.

Test 1:  ghost radar

This test is being conducted to test whether or not a radar application works on smartphone or tablet.

Each phone and / or device will be situated differently, ie, they'll all be pointed in different directions.  No matter the orientation of the devices, if a central device indicates there is a hit coming in from the south south east, they should all show the same thing.

Additionally, the apps will all be activated five seconds from one another.  This will demonstrate if the apps are timed or if the hits are random.  No matter what time the devices came on, they should all be getting a hit at the same time.

This test will be conducted a few different times, with the results video recorded.

Test 2:  ghost communicator

This test is being conducted to see whether or not a smartphone or tablet can pick up communications from ghosts; in this case, the apps tested are those which generate words on the screen.

Each phone and / or device will be orientated in the same direction, grouped as close together as possible, so that if one device gets a hit, the devices adjacent to one another should receive the same hit.

Additionally, each app will be activated five seconds from the last, to ensure that the appearance of words would be indicative of the app's capabilities.

This test will be conducted a few different times, with the results video recorded.


A variety of smartphones and tablets will be utilized, with differing operating systems, in order to achieve a more accurate result based solely on the app used.  The exact product and operating system used will be listed when the test is being conducted.


To ensure a proper baseline for the tests, three phones with the exact same specifications will be used: the Samsung Galaxy S4.  This will determine of the same phones, utilizing the same specifications and running the same application, can obtain the same results.

Applications to be used

The apps used for the testing will be those that are the highest rated, with the most positive results and reviews; if applicable, the apps shown on televised shows will also be tested.


It is unknown at this time if the tests will be extended to cover different radars running at the same time or not.
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Experiment: Apps
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