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 MUFON Case 70162

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PostSubject: MUFON Case 70162   Thu Sep 24 2015, 10:34

Date of Incident: August 9 2015, 1500

Original Report
Short Description of UFO Event:
multiple orange orbs flying slowly over city from lake michigan sw

Detailed Description of the UFO Event:
I was driving North on Main St the night of August 9, 2015 when I caught site of a couple orange orbs flying across the road above me. I pulled over and got out and stood looking up as at least a dozen orange orbs moved slowly over my head in twos and threes from over Lake Michigan, and disappeared over the treetops, inland to the southwest.

I had witnessed a similar event last year behind my house. In that event the orbs changed direction. This time they flew in a straight line. The elevation did not change. The glow was steady with a slight flicker.

I was excited and called my husband to go outside and see if he could see them. He did not but he was there the first event. I stood there looking up until no more orbs flew over. I was on a tree lined residential street so I could not see horizon to horizon.

Evidence included with original report
No additional information or evidence included

Investigator's Report
This case is ongoing
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Posts : 265
Join date : 2013-04-11
Age : 46
Location : Marinette County, Wisconsin

PostSubject: Re: MUFON Case 70162   Wed May 04 2016, 17:12

BGE Results: Total Certainty Index is 2.62
LONGITUDE/LATITUDE: (approximately 42.721512, -87.782547)
SYNOPSIS: orange orbs
OBJECT DESCRIPTION: orbs in formations, groups of two and three
NATURAL/MANMADE PHENOMENON: undetermined at this time
WEATHER INFORMATION: 66.0*F, dew point at 64*, humidity at 93%; ceiling of 7 miles, calm winds, conditions are overcast
LOCATION: Main Street of Racine WI
EVIDENCE/INVESTIGATION: no further evidence
CORRELATING CASES: possibly case number 69239
INVESTIGATOR’S REPORT: Case number 70162 was assigned to this investigator on the morning of September 6 2015. After receiving the assignment, attempts were made via email to contact the witness involved; no replies have been received.
Uploaded to this report is a screen shot taken from Google Maps, to be used as a visual reference.
According to the initial report, the witness was heading north on Main Street, in the city of Racine WI, when a series or orange orbs moved in from over Lake Michigan (to the east), and continued inland in a southwesterly direction.
**This may correlate with case number 69239, in which the witness reported seeing orange lights coming in from the east. With 69239’s location being roughly 5 miles from 70162’s, there is a possibility that these cases are related; both involve orange lights in groups of two or three, both have the orbs coming in from the east, and both fall within the same general time frame (separated by a couple days).
With these two occurrences being similar in nature and scope, I checked to see if there was any celestial event which might relate to the reported events. It seems that the Perseid Meteor Shower was happening within this time frame; this annual event peaks between August 9 and August 14, and that the best direction to look is towards the northeast. While neither case reported seeing any tails, it is possible that the meteors were above the Earth’s atmosphere, and thus no tails were produced.
This is not to say that these events were part of the meteor shower; it is mentioned merely as a possibility.
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MUFON Case 70162
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