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 MOFUN Case 69431

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PostSubject: MOFUN Case 69431   MOFUN Case 69431 I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 21 2015, 10:03

Date of Incident: August 15 2015, 2256

Original Report
Short Description of UFO Event:
{rjl} Observed 2 moving ball's of flame that disappeared over Lake Michigan near the shore line.

Detailed Description of the UFO Event:
Was going to garage and noticed an object that appeared to be a flaming ball(fireball)moving slowly across the sky. Ran to get the camcorder (10+ yrs old) and was able to get the 2nd one. Did not expect a 2nd one. They did disappear over the lake and I am very close to the lake but surrounded by trees. So, Flaming ball, moving slowly, No elevation change, disappeared. Did not look like a Chinese lantern, my 1st thought when 1st seen. Too flamey. Unless they can actually catch fire without loosing any elevation while moving and keep a round sun like shape? I saw a flaming ball and the camera saw a bright orb. best I can tell ya. Pretty cool.

Evidence included with original report
A short video clip of a small white orb. Will attach file or provide link later

Investigator's Report
This case is ongoing
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MOFUN Case 69431
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