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 MOFUN Case 69265

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PostSubject: MOFUN Case 69265   Tue Aug 18 2015, 11:19

Date of incident:  August 10 2015

Original Report
Short Description of UFO Event:
{cak} Fluttering / pulsing red circle traveling SW in night sky above Manitowoc

Detailed Description of the UFO Event:
I noticed the object when I came out my back door of my home to close my garage door. The back of my house faces east and I noticed a red object in the northeast night sky. At first glance it appeared to be an ascending object, like a firework shell perhaps, though not very bright. But as I watched it, I could see it had a straight and level flight path heading southwest.

So I ran in the house and got my camera. I estimate I started shooting video about 30 seconds after I first spotted the object. Between trying to watch the object and shooting video, the object goes out of frame several times. The video also looks a little different from what I saw. The changes in color and luminosity appear more dramatic in the video than what my eyes saw. As the object moved overhead, it looked circular in shape and appeared to have a concentric circle in the middle that was slightly brighter. It's luminosity remained somewhat constant until it began to fade, from what I remember.

The object moved overhead, but was a bit to the west of my location, on the south west heading. Then I noticed the object beginning to dim, as if the light was slowly being turned off. I had to walk to the west down my driveway in order to visually track it, and it continued to fade out until it's luminosity was zero . I almost get a sense that it was transparent because of the muted red color it gave off and the way it appeared to just fade out.

I tried to continue to track it's path, but I couldn't. The trees across the street were blocking my view of it's heading shortly after it faded out.

The flight path was straight and level the whole time and I didn't hear any sound coming from the object. The sky was clear that night in the area of my observation and my surroundings were audibly quiet as well. My camera is a Canon SD750 point and shoot type. It recorded the event at 9:52 pm, but after checking its internal clock later, I found it to be slow by 58 minutes, probably due to daylight savings time. I estimate the sighting duration to be about one and a half minutes.

Evidence included with original report
A short video clip of a pulsing red / white light, zoomed in.  Will attach file (current file is avi, which is unsupported on this forum).

Investigator's Report
This case is ongoing
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Posts : 265
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Age : 46
Location : Marinette County, Wisconsin

PostSubject: Re: MOFUN Case 69265   Wed May 04 2016, 17:06

BGE Results: Total Certainty Index is 5.14

LONGITUDE/LATITUDE: (44.0713 N, 87.6614 W)

SYNOPSIS: luminescent orb traversing night sky

OBJECT DESCRIPTION: pulsing red circle

INTERVIEW/STATEMENTS: MUFON’s General Sighting Report, on record


WEATHER INFORMATION: 64*F, dew point at 64*, humidity at 97%; winds were calm, visibility at 2 miles, conditions were clear

LOCATION: Manitowoc, WI

EVIDENCE/INVESTIGATION: illustration of object provided by witness, video of object on site

WITNESS CREDIBILITY: some college; witness seems credible, with detailed and thought out reports

CORRELATING CASES: case numbers 69239 and 70162 may relate to this particular case, but they fall outside the general geographical area.

INVESTIGATOR’S REPORT: Case number 69265 was assigned to me on the afternoon of August 15 2015; I established contact with the witness via email, to which I was provided more detailed information within MUFON’s General Sighting Report. These additional forms and images are uploaded for this report.

As with cases 69239 and 70162, we have a luminescent orb traveling from the northeast to the southwest around the same period of time (August 9 through August 11) and around the same general time of evening (2200, +/- 2 hours); however, where the two aforementioned cases dealt with a series of orange lights, this particular case involves one red colored orb which appeared to pulse and was of a larger size.

My initial opinion is that this object relates to the Perseid Meteor Shower, and that the difference in color could be explained due to a difference in trajectory (resulting in a color shift). This could also help explain how the object seems to fade. But, upon further consideration, a meteor does not explain the appearance of white blotches and the discernible glow or cornea; for this to occur, there would need to be a visible tail, and none was reported. Likewise, the recorded duration is quite long; if this were a meteor, the event would have been quicker (in my opinion and experiences).

Analysis of the video has turned up no abnormalities, and is consistent with images taken at extreme magnification. As such, the video does not provide any additional information, at least at this time.

While there are cases with which I am able to explain either through reasoning or through previous examples, I am unable to form any conclusion regarding this case.
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MOFUN Case 69265
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