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 MUFON Case 69239

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PostSubject: MUFON Case 69239   Tue Aug 18 2015, 11:10

Date of incident: August 11 2015

Original Report
Short Description of UFO Event: {cak} Drove east bound, saw two lights which turned into a triangle then flew away as soon as we got close

Detailed Description of the UFO Event:
Driving East bound, saw two lights when far away. As we approached it turned into three lights and changed colors multiple times and the triangle changed direction multiple times. We turned towards it to get closer, and it instantly started to fly away at a very fast and consistent speed, it was stationary and then it was going the consistent speed, no getting up to speed just straight to that speed. Second time I have saw a triangular craft in this area, except the first was about a year ago.

Evidence included with original report

The incident took place in an undisclosed location near Mt Pleasant, WI. I have contacted the witness for further information.

Investigator's Report
This case is ongoing
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Posts : 265
Join date : 2013-04-11
Age : 44
Location : Marinette County, Wisconsin

PostSubject: Re: MUFON Case 69239   Wed May 04 2016, 17:03

BGE Results: Total Certainty Index is 2.06

LONGITUDE/LATITUDE: (approximately 42.703312, -87.894544)

SYNOPSIS: flying triangle

OBJECT DESCRIPTION: lights in triangular pattern, with the lights changing color



WEATHER INFORMATION: 64.9*F, dew point 59*, humidity at 81%, 10 mile ceiling, calm winds, conditions were clear

LOCATION: Unknown, other than near Mt Pleasant, WI

EVIDENCE/INVESTIGATION: no further evidence

WITNESS CREDIBILITY: insufficient data

CORRELATING CASES: none at this time

INVESTIGATOR’S REPORT: Case number 69239 was assigned to this investigator on the afternoon of August 15 2015. After receiving the assignment, attempts were made via email to contact the witness involved; no replies have been received.

Based on the initial report, there is little to further the investigation: location is unknown, direction of witness’s vehicle and of the object’s trajectory are unknown. As such, a proper investigation is not possible at this time.
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MUFON Case 69239
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