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 MUFON Case 68995

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PostSubject: MUFON Case 68995   Thu Aug 06 2015, 11:17

Date of Incident: August 4 2015

Original Report
As I was driving to work about 11:10 PM August 4, 2015 along highway 45 in Milwaukee, this was near Timmerman airport I saw a bright blue light streaking across the sky from my right to my left. It caught my eye because it was going super fast!(I even said to myself, "damn, that thing is moving!") As I continued to watch it while driving along the freeway it made a sweeping turn to its left and flew off in the opposite direction. There were other planes in the sky at the time that were going super-slow by comparison. The object was a deep, illuminated blue in color and again was traveling super-fast. As it pulled away it appeared as though it had at least one tiny red light on the top of the blue. The object itself appeared blue, it was not an aircraft light and Timmerman handles smaller aircraft, so I'm quite sure this was not the typical aircraft seen in the sky in this area quite frequently. Sadly I was driving at the time and unable to pull over to attempt to get a better look, and it sped away so quickly I doubt I could have gotten a better view anyway. The most important thing here is the amazing speed at which it was moving!

Evidence included with original report

Investigator's Report
This case is ongoing
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Posts : 265
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PostSubject: Re: MUFON Case 68995   Fri May 20 2016, 09:44

October 8 2015

BGE Results:  Total Certainty Index is 19.14
LONGITUDE/LATITUDE:  (approximately 43.108393, -88.057854)
SYNOPSIS:  object with blue and red light seen moving at a rapid pace
OBJECT DESCRIPTION:  size and shape unknown, bright blue light with what appeared to be a red light on top
INTERVIEW/STATEMENTS:  contacted witness via email; no reply
NATURAL/MANMADE PHENOMENON:  undetermined by account
WEATHER INFORMATION:  66*F, dew point near 56*, humidity at 68%, sky was partly cloudy with a range of 10 miles, winds from the SSW at 4.6mph
LOCATION:  on HWY 45, near the Timmermann Airport
EVIDENCE/INVESTIGATION:  no evidence submitted with the initial report
WITNESS CREDIBILITY:  the witness is the Director of News and Information for a Milwaukee based news radio station, with an extensive career as a reporter / journalist
CORRELATING CASES:  none found at this time
INVESTIGATOR’S REPORT:  I received case number 68995 on the morning of August 5 2015, and made initial contact with the witness via email in order to gain some additional information (direction of travel, more detail of highway location).  Without having heard back from the witness, locations used within this report are generalized, and are based solely on Google Maps and assumptions.
Within the witness’s report, he states that he was driving on HWY 45, near the Timmerman Airport, on his way to work, and that he had spotted a bright blue light moving at a high speed across the sky.  With this information, it can be assumed that the witness was driving southbound, though I cannot be more specific than that; it is unknown where along the highway the witness was at the time of the incident.
The witness further states that the object was traveling from his right to left; based on the direction in which the witness was driving, this puts the object’s trajectory west to east.  Without further information, it is unknown where the object was in relation to the witness, if the object was to the right or left of the highway.
In continuation, the witness makes mention that the object then turned to its left (port) and headed off in the opposite direction.  It is unknown if the object changed speed at all in this maneuver, though the witness continues to write that it moved at a high rate of speed, faster than the other aircraft in the sky at the time.  It should be noted that as the craft moved away, the witness reports that a smaller red light could be seen just above the blue light.
While the report itself gives no further indication as to what the object may have been, based on the witness’s description, I believe what the witness had seen was a man-made craft; my opinion and reasoning is as follows:
I believe that the object seen was traveling from the southwest to the northeast; this would still put it as moving right to left from the viewer’s perspective.  With this trajectory, it would appear as if the craft was moving faster than the other aircraft.  The bright blue light could have been a standard operating light of an aerial vehicle, quite possibly that of a helicopter; the reason no other lights were seen at this time is because this would have been the forward looking light, its brightness possibly drowning out additional lights.  It is only when the object turns away does another light become visible: in this case, the red tail light, which sits atop a helicopter’s tail (and thus would appear to be above the brighter light).  Should this have been a fixed wing aircraft, the red light would have appeared to have been in a different position.  Again, this is merely my opinion on the matter, and is formed to give some explanation as to what was observed.
I have uploaded a map of the area, as described by the witness, as well as a picture of a helicopter seen at night to give a visual reference to what I described above.
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MUFON Case 68995
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