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 MUFON Case 68764

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PostSubject: MUFON Case 68764   MUFON Case 68764 I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 31 2015, 09:15

Date of Incident:  July 25 2015

Original Report
I was at the park with my stepdad & neighbors when my stepdad notice a object in the sky. It looked like a fireball to me until it broke into more objects that hovered & moved independent of one another and they didn't continue to free fall like the original object. Curious to what it could be and surprised that it was happening right in front of me. My reaction after the fact was that that's the type of event you only hear about or see on tv. I loss sight of it because it disappeared.

Evidence included with original report
Though the report would indicate that a video was submitted, no file was.

Investigator's Report
BGE Results:  Total Certainty Index is 3.09
LONGITUDE/LATITUDE:  (43.0541799,-87.8831399)

SYNOPSIS:  multiple fireballs in formation

OBJECT DESCRIPTION:  one originating fireball, exploded into several smaller units


NATURAL/MANMADE PHENOMENON:  determined to be manmade


LOCATION:  east side of Milwaukee WI, near lakefront

EVIDENCE/INVESTIGATION:  this investigator found some collaborating evidence on the internet regarding this event


CORRELATING CASES:  several people have reported UFOs in this area at this time, with many captured videos

INVESTIGATOR'S REPORT:  On the 25th of July 2015, several people witnessed what appeared to be a massive fireball exploding in the air, with the result being several smaller fireballs moving in formation and changing course.  While initial claims were of a UFO, this event has been identified as an air show put on by the parachuting team the Golden Knights during a Germanfest celebration, as can be verified by the following link:
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MUFON Case 68764
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