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 MYFON Case 68692

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MYFON Case 68692 Empty
PostSubject: MYFON Case 68692   MYFON Case 68692 I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 28 2015, 09:57

Date of Incident:  November 16 2014
Date Reported:  July 27 2015
*Belated Case*

Original Report
Quote :
CAN SOMEONE TELL ME IF THIS IS A UFO. Ok I'm out on the patio letting the dogs out and i see this white dot in the distance. As it's getting closer I noticed it was only flying about the height of a helicopter way too low for an airplane I don't think it was a helicopter only for the fact there was no sound nothing at all. It was moving so slow almost a standstill it seemed like as it got closer I noticed it was a triangle shape almost like a perfect piece of pie with huge white lights on the bottom six or maybe seven of them as I'm staring at this thing I see another set of lights coming in the distance then another set three all together in perfect formation evenly spaced apart. I tried getting the phone of my pocket to record it but to be honest I was a little freaked out and had a little bit of a problem but I did catch the other two. The lights were really bright so my phone cannot focus because of this but if you look you can see some light turning on and off lost sight
of it over the houses. There were some red lights on the bottom from the front going down the middle to the end. They flashed like a strobe light start in the front turn on one at a time all the way to the back.

Evidence included with original report
The video clip below was submitted by the witness; there is nothing on the video that reveals the identity of the witness, nor does it provide any confidential material.
MP4 Video Clip

Investigator's Report
This case is ongoing
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MYFON Case 68692
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