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 MUFON Case 68073

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MUFON Case 68073 Empty
PostSubject: MUFON Case 68073   MUFON Case 68073 I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 27 2015, 16:35

Date of Incident:  July 13 2015

Original Report
Quote :
Me and my wife were about to watch our first sons rocket launch for their space camp summer school pprogram. There was a storm coming our way so we looked up at the clouds and I asked her if she was seeing what I was.She asked what it was I said I don't know maybe a UAV but it was way to big seemingly. I said it looks like an Airbus Super Guppy but there is no way in Hell that it can hover.I said I'm getting my phone out to take a closer look. At this time the object started moving away with no noise or vapor trails or exhaust.Not once was I able to get a picture of  it. It wouldn't appear on my screen and moved off to fast for me to even attempt a picture before it disappeared into the clouds..after it disappeared there was like a rumbling sound kind of like a fighter jet afterburner but not really.

Investigator's Report
This investigation is ongoing
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MUFON Case 68073
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