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 MUFON Case 67639

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PostSubject: MUFON Case 67639   MUFON Case 67639 I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 27 2015, 15:41

Date of Incident:  July 4 2015

Original Report
Quote :
On the Fourth of July, on approximately 9:30 PM at night, while the fireworks were being blown, we witnessed a weird entity in the the sky and it was moving up and down in one direction until disappearing without a trace. About 4 times in a row within 5 minutes of each other until the 4 time we witnessed it flew away at high speed into the sky but before it flew away we took a few picture to make sure we were believing about what we where seeing and when we tried to turn on the computer and it started to mess up and restarted multiple times but finally when we got it to work, we zoomed in the picture and witness a Flying Saucer...

Pictures included with original report

MUFON Case 67639 67639_10

MUFON Case 67639 67639_11

MUFON Case 67639 67639_12

MUFON Case 67639 67639_13

Investigator's Report
BGE Results:  Total Certainty Index is 1.07%
LONGITUDE/LATITUDE:  (43.011856, -87.938455)
SYNOPSIS:   small moving object(s) seen during fireworks display
OBJECT DESCRIPTION:  small, round / irregular shape
INTERVIEW/STATEMENTS:  witness unreachable; no statements
WEATHER INFORMATION:  roughly 70* at time of sighting, with a dew point near 60*; winds from the south at 9.2MPH, gusting at 15MPH; mostly cloudy (
LOCATION:  unknown; Milwaukee WI area
EVIDENCE/INVESTIGATION:  jpeg images that have been zoomed in
CORRELATING CASES:  unknown at this time
On the morning of July 5 2015, I was assigned case number 67639: unknown object moving in the sky.  On the morning of July 6, I contacted the witness via email, to both verify the mailing address so that I could send out a General Sighting Report and to obtain some additional information that would be helpful for the investigation:
* To see if the untouched and original jpeg images could be forwarded to me
*To establish where the event actually occurred
*To see if the other witnesses mentioned within the initial report would be willing to file a report
On July 8 I mailed a copy of the General Sighting Report to the witness, along with a stamped return envelope.  On July 10 I emailed the witness once more, to inform him of the incoming parcel and to try to obtain the original untouched jpeg images.  As of this writing (July 27), no return emails or mailed documents have arrived.  It should be noted that, in trying to obtain information on the witness to help with the BG rating, it was found that the witness has a heavy internet presence, and that it would be unlikely for emails to go unanswered.
In looking into this case, I learned that there were two organized fireworks displays within visual distance; both events were within six miles of the location given.  There are then two differing options regarding the images as they appear: if the objects were of the size indicated on the Case Management System, at that distance it is believed that there would have been more witnesses from a variety of locations coming forth as their size would be proportionally larger; the second option is that the witness was watching a more local fireworks display, and that the size indicated would be more factual.  However, without fully knowing where the event took place, the actual size of the object(s) cannot be determined.  
It is the opinion of this investigator that since this sighting took place during a fireworks display, the possibility of the images related to this case showing shell casings or a bird in flight is high, but without the untouched jpeg images, again, the size and nature cannot be accurately determined.
With the lack of collaborating witnesses, additional information, and the general amount of unknown factors, this investigator believes that the BG evaluation to be at 1.07%; while the strangeness of the event rated a 28.57%, the information provided was at 50% and the reliability only a 7.5%.
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MUFON Case 67639
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