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 MUFON Case 67353

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PostSubject: MUFON Case 67353   MUFON Case 67353 I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 27 2015, 15:15

Date of Incident: June 28 2015

Original report
Quote :
I was traveling E on I-94 in Brookfield, WI mile marker 300 on 6/28/15 at 8:53pm when I observed 12 Orange Red fireballs at a high rate of speed traveling from SE to NW. 3 were high in a hockey stick pattern, the other 9 were at treetop level and flew over my car. A police car made a u turn on the freeway in front of me while rolling down his window. I turned around at Moorland Road but the lights and the police car was nowhere to be found. I had a camera and video camera in my car unfortunate I could not get them out fast enough. Seemed like as soon as I turned my camera on, they went faster and flew right over my car. Thanks for the work you do!

Follow-up report
Quote :
It was an unmarked car. I did call the Waukesha county police department just to let them know that if the officer reported it, he was not crazy, that I saw it to. They did not ask for my personal information so I assume no report was filed. Funny was the next day I crossed the same spot going West at approx 1:30am and there was a helicopter hovering in the area. My wife was driving her car in front of me and she saw it to. It had the usual port and starboard red and green lights, but it also had a blue light. In Wisconsin it is against the law to display a blue light on any vehicle unless you are authorized. Thanks for your time and the service you do! If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at

Investigator's Report
BGE Results:  Total Certainty Index is 4.69%
LONGITUDE/LATITUDE:  (43.025068, -88.115489)
SYNOPSIS:  Fireballs in chevron formation; three high, nine level
OBJECT DESCRIPTION:  twelve reddish orange fireballs
INTERVIEW/STATEMENTS:  contact and further communications via email
WEATHER INFORMATION:  daytime high 75.2*, dew point at 46.0; no precipitation, with a visibility at 10 miles
LOCATION:  300 mile marker on I-94 eastbound, near the Moorland / Hwy O exchange, Brookfield WI
EVIDENCE/INVESTIGATION:  one eyewitness account
WITNESS CREDIBILITY:  military background
CORRELATING CASES:  unknown at this time
On the morning of June 29 2015, I was assigned case number 67353: twelve red orange fireballs flying in formation seen over interstate highway I-94 (please refer to the related jpg for a map of the area).  As I was at work, I contacted the witness via email, to both verify the mailing address so that I could send out a General Sighting Report and to see if the reported police car had any identifiable markings in an effort to see if a collaborating report could be obtained; a PDF of the GSR was included with the initial email.
The witness replied to my email on July 6.  The witness informed me that the police officer’s car was unmarked, so there were no identifying marks to see which level of law enforcement or department the vehicle was assigned to (local / county / state); being unmarked, it would not be possible to contact an agency to determine who might have been driving.  However, the witness informed me that he made contact with the Waukesha County Police Department to verify any related sightings or report filed by the officer in question; no personal information was requested by that department.
The witness went on to inform me that the following day (June 29 2015) at 0130, he and his wife, who were driving separate vehicles (one in front of the other), witnessed a helicopter hovering within the same area as the initial report, and that it was sporting a blue light in addition to the standard red and green position lighting.  The witness stated that it is against Wisconsin regulations for a vehicle to be sporting a blue light unless authorized, and though this may be true, it should be noted that aircraft are required to have a third white light located on the tail of the craft.
On July 8 I mailed out the General Sighting Report and a stamped return envelope so that additional information could be obtained.  On July 10, I emailed the witness to inform him as such.  There has been no response as of this writing.
It is of this investigator’s opinion that the category of this report should be changed to FB1.  Furthermore, while the quality of the information is .9, the reliability of the witness was determined to be at 36.5% as per the Ballester-Guasp Evaluation, and the lack of collaborating witness accounts and additional information unfortunately places the certainty at 4.69%; with additional information, this would certainly be increased.  Though the nature of the event is undetermined, the fact that the Waukesha County Airport being located roughly six miles west of the sightings (both of the fireballs and of the helicopter) might be a factor.

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MUFON Case 67353
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