Northern Lights Paranormal Research Society is headquartered in Marinette County, Wisconsin, and is dedicated to seeking out the truth in all things. Our mission is simple: to discover the truth, no matter where it may lie.
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PostSubject: INTERACTIVE MAP   INTERACTIVE MAP I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 17 2015, 17:12

Working on an interactive map showing the investigations we've participated in, the locations we've been to, or reports that have been brought to our attention.  The map uses three colored markers: green for NLPRS, red for events, and blue for those investigations that were performed for MUFON.

I started this in the hopes to see if there was any recognizable pattern to the sightings or encounters.  At some point I'll be changing the markers with a related image, to better see what's what.  Until then, or at least until we get more investigations and reports, I think this will work just fine.

All the markers contain a link that can be copied and pasted into the browser, which will take the viewer to the related investigations report on our main site.  And yes, before anyone brings it to my attention, there are quite a few investigations in need of updates.  Additionally, the MUFON markers do not contain a link; this will come in time, once the investigations have been competed.  Or this weekend.

Until I can figure out how to embed the map here, you will have to follow this link.
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