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 Intex Seahawk 2

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PostSubject: Intex Seahawk 2   Intex Seahawk 2 I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 23 2014, 16:15

The Intext Seahawk 2 is an inflatable raft with three flotation measures: the first is the base, like a normal inflatable pool float; the second inflates the inner ring (the tub that surrounds the occupants); the third is the outer ring.  According to the instructions, the raft will remain afloat if either of the rings were to get a puncture and deflate.  Myself, I'd hazard a guess that this will float should any of the two inflation areas ruptures.

The box in which this came in shows two adult males sitting inside the raft.  I tested this out with Steven, and I have to tell you... it isn't comfortable.  We both sat inside cross-legged.  Should there have been any gear with us, and it would have been a bit more cramped.

The raft is 7' 9" long, but consider that the inner portion, the portion you sit in, is not.  I'd say, because of the thickness of the two rings when inflated, the inner portion is easily two to three feet shorter.  This is good for me: I stand over 6'5", and so this raft provides plenty of leg room.

I also weigh between 275 - 300 pounds.  For bigger guys like me, take note that the raft is designed to carry about 500 pounds!

The raft come equipped with two fishing pole holders, oar guides, a rope, and a small pouch.  The ones I bought did not include the oars, although you can purchase the complete set which will include oars and a hand pump.

Please note that the oar guides are off center, that they are closer to the bow (the front).  In order to paddle "effectively", you'll have to row backwards; you cannot handle the oars should you be sitting towards the aft (rear) of the boat,  not unless you sit in the middle.  Myself, I like to see where I am going, so I have adjusted my rowing style; aft forward.  It makes for some bouncy movement, but how else are you going to see where you are going?

The raft only takes a few minutes to inflate.  The inner-most base has one of those nozzles that will spit out air if you aren't quick enough to plug it; the outer two have (I don't know the right term for it) those double cap valves, where the first cap is for inflating and the second releases all the air.  The air will not come out should you take your time in capping it.

I would much rather have a nice boat, but these really can't be beat.  Don't need a trailer, can fold them up and stick them in your trunk.  Light and portable!  I should mention that life jackets are still though.

Intex Seahawk 2 19073410

Intex Seahawk 2 10305910


In regards to the paranormal, there will be times in which we may need to cross some water in order to better perform our investigations.  Take, for example, our upcoming trip to Devils Lake.  Granted, I don't expect to come across any lake monster, but hopefully we'll be able to run some fish detectors, head out with some cameras and binoculars.  Then there's the multitude of small islands within our lakes / ponds / rivers that we can know reach.

Steven and I have been testing these rafts out on Left Foot Lake, a small lake only a few miles away from where we live.  Just by eye-balling it on Google Maps, the lake looks to be about 4750 feet in length and 1750 at the widest portion, making it a good equivalent to what we can expect at Devils Lake (being a mile long and a half mile wide).  We've gone out on windy days and calm, sunny, overcast, and misty, and so far we have had no difficulties.
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Intex Seahawk 2
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