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 Setting Up

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PostSubject: Setting Up   Setting Up I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 23 2014, 15:32

The first picture we have here is of our tripod with the protractor in place, and a compass on top.  The reason why I do this is so that we can orientate the tripod to north, and with that done, should we ever have multiple bases, we can announce that we heard something at (as an example) 260*; this allows the other bases to then triangulate their systems.  Of course, this only works if you know the location of the other bases (that's where the GPS would come in).  Irregardless, this would allow the other bases to to know where they should concentrate their efforts; when a second base picks up the signal, then the third knows exactly where to look.  For a better description of triangulation, visit Atlas Quest's page Compassing 101.

Setting Up Img_0110

I use one leg of the tripod as my north point; the leg I use has the maker's logo on it.  Put the zero on the protractor on that leg, set the zero to 0* north, and we are all set.  Granted, there will be some deviation simply for the fact that this is not a scientific piece of equipment, that due to the thickness of the leg it may not actually be facing north... but this gives us a good starting point and allows us to record more accurate information.

The second picture here is of our parabolic microphone, with a head phone and the digital recorder plugged into the microphone; in lieu of a headphone, we can easily put in a laptop or other device.  Quite simple, really, and actually quite useful.  The parabolic does have a built in recorder, but it is (I believe) only a twelve second recorder, and you have to actively press the record button.  With this, we can record for hours without worry.

Setting Up Img_0111

Lastly, we have a simple set-up that converts our microphone from being a parabolic to one that can be used for EVP sessions: remove the dish, attach a clamp, and presto, an omni-directional microphone that sits on a tripod.  Plug in components as desired.

Setting Up Img_0112
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Setting Up
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