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 Shareware Programs

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PostSubject: Shareware Programs   Mon Jun 23 2014, 14:56

Just like with the accessories post, this one will detail, or provide links for, some of the programs we use when we go through all the evidence collected.  As always, most of these programs are free and are considered "shareware".  They are not pirated programs, they are not illegally downloaded... shareware is a term used to describe programs that are offered to the public for free, with termed or unlimited use.  Sometimes there are features that are locked, sometimes not, but there is always something offered that the creators hope will compel you to buy the upgraded version.

Any future programs used will be posted here, instead of creating a new post.


This goes hand-in-hand with what I posted in regards to the surveillance camera... why pay for stuff if you already have the capability to do it?  iSpy is one of those things: it is a program that allows your computer to operate, view, and record off of multiple webcams (or other video devices) at the same time.  In essence, your PC is now a CCTV monitoring station.  This program is free, and can be downloaded at this link, but as this is a free version, there is a limit: you can only use two cameras at once.  Oh, you can still hook up as many cameras as you want, you would just have to click which ones you want to watch at that particular moment, with only two being view-able at once.  By buying the "upgrade", you now have the capability to have a complete security surveillance system.  Don't know how much that is at the moment.


This program goes hand-in-hand with the above surveillance camera.  Let us just say that this camera is becoming a bit more of a hassle than what it's worth, but more on that within that device's post.  This edit is to talk about the program that came with the camera.

The box and description don't tell you the name of the camera or what is used; you have to open the case and look at the disc to find out what it is.  You would think that, being a USB device, the camera could be used without the program, but no, you need to install the program.  Turns out, this won't install on most computers.

Open the disc, and you see install instructions for Android, Mac, and Windows.  How an Android device is supposed to install from a disc is beyond me, but apparently you can.  Linux is not supported.  I tried, tried installing through Wine and Play PC and a couple other Windows to Linux programs, and nothing.  So, I did what I could; backed-up my Linux computer and installed Vista.

Even though there were instructions to install on Windows, you cannot install on Vista.  Only Windows XP and 7.  This may have been caught by me at an earlier stage (ie, before I erased my PC), but the PDF contained on the disc does not open.  Not on Linux, not on Vista, not on the computer that I use at work.  I discovered this by opening the Windows installation instructions (which cannot be opened on Linux) and looking under system requirements (again, only within the instructions, no where else).  I then spent the remainder of my evening reinstalling Linux, and bringing up from the basement an old tower that still had XP on it (but a base install, no drivers.  *sigh*).  Further instructional reading also revealed that I would need Directx 9.

Anyway, I installed the program on the old computer and went to start it up.  It then asked me for a log in name and password.  Why would a freshly installed program ask for this, when nothing has even been set-up?!  Too bad I couldn't read the PDF, and the html instructions were useless to me as the tower couldn't connect.

Tonight, when I get home from work, I'm going to have to figure out how to get drivers back on the old tower, especially the Ethernet one.  Ugh.
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Shareware Programs
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