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 Various accessories

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PostSubject: Various accessories   Various accessories I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 23 2014, 14:55

originally posted November 7 2013

Not talking about handkerchiefs or matching cuff links, but rather pieces, odds and ends I've been picking up as needed for our equipment.  Instead of making a new post every time I buy something trivial and minor, I'll just be editing this particular post.  These accessories have proven themselves, and are well worth the price.  I don't know the exact names or numbers off hand, but they should be pretty obvious by the pictures and description.

Gear Head USB Hub

Various accessories Usb10

It got to a point where I was charging a lot of USB devices off of my home computer.  Something would charge, unplug it, get a new device, plug it in, repeat.  You may note that there is a USB port on the side; this would be for the computer hook-up.  However, on the other side, there is a port for the AC adapter.  Yes, this plugs into an outlet as well, excellent for those trips where you can't lug around a computer.  With this, I can charge all my devices at once.  Okay, maybe not all my devices at once, that's why I bought two.

Belkin mini surge protector

Various accessories Surge10

Ahh, the mighty surge protector.  With our upcoming trip to Devil's Lake in the summer of 2014, this was going to be essential; I reserved a site that is powered due to the fact that we'll be there for three days / two nights, and would need a way to charge our investigation devices (not to mention some non-campy things like an electric range top and a coffee maker).  The USB ports were a definite bonus, as it allows me to also hook-up two USB hubs.  This device also has an adjustable plug, so it can be turned at any angle.

Micro SD to Memory Stick Adapter

Various accessories Stick10

In my opinion, Sony really messed up when they made it so that their devices would only take a Memory Stick, completely bypassing the industry standard SD Card.  Not only are SD Cards cheaper, they tend to have more memory.  When I bought our nightshot camcorder, it has the ability to record video straight to disc and take still shots and put them onto a memory stick.  A quick walk-through at a local Wal*Mart showed me the folly behind a memory stick: very pricey for the amount of storage on it.  So, for just over two dollars, I bought this adapter.  It is compatible with the memory stick system, and takes up to two micro SD cards.  If you think about it, this makes for a massive amount of storage... do you realize how many still shots you can take before you fill up 64 gigs of memory?  A ridiculous amount, is what!  Will I ever take that many in one setting?  No, but since I already had micro cards all over the place, this was a no-brainer.

Extended battery

Various accessories Batter10

I love my Sony DCR-DVD108 camcorder.  I can't even tell you how much... but I can readily point out its faults: it records video straight to mini DVD discs and the battery life was really low.  How low?  We're talking about an hour and a half here with the nightshot feature running.  With the purchase of this extended battery, I've doubled or tripled the effective usefulness of the camcorder: I put a fully charged extended battery into the 'corder last night, and it stated that there was 432 minutes of battery life... that's over seven hours!  Granted, I didn't check the life readout with nightshot turned on, but that is an amazing difference.  Now consider the fact that this extended battery is sold as a pair.


I'm not going to post a picture of every charger I've purchased, let's just say I've bought a charger for every device that has a removable rechargeable battery.  More often than not, if you take the time and look around, you can get a charger with a car adapter and an extra battery for the same price (if not less) as most name brand adapters.  You'll be waiting a bit longer for delivery, but it's worth it.

Targus Mini Tripod

Various accessories Tgct710

Universal mount tripod, legs extending to a height of six inches  NOT for something heavy.
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Various accessories
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