Northern Lights Paranormal Research Society is headquartered in Marinette County, Wisconsin, and is dedicated to seeking out the truth in all things. Our mission is simple: to discover the truth, no matter where it may lie.
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 Who we are

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PostSubject: Who we are   Thu Apr 11 2013, 17:01

Northern Lights Paranormal Research Society is headquartered in Marinette County, Wisconsin, and is dedicated to seeking out the truth in all things.

To discover the truth, no matter where it may lie.

The paranormal is all around us, the paranormal isn't just limited to ghosts and what goes bump in the night. From unexplained sightings to crop circles, from UFOs to hauntings, everything that lies outside normal understandings falls within the realm of the paranormal.

The members of NLPRS understand this; we each have been touched by the unexplained, and know what others have gone through.

Each of us are professionals, with our own field of expertise. Furthermore, we are soothsayers, scholars and seekers united, striving to discover the truth, and to bring that which lay in the shadows to light.
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Posts : 265
Join date : 2013-04-11
Age : 46
Location : Marinette County, Wisconsin

PostSubject: Re: Who we are   Mon Oct 19 2015, 17:08

I typed this up just this afternoon; I think it'll make for a good reference for anyone seeking out more information, or for those wanting an introduction.



Northern Lights Paranormal Research Society was founded in April of 2013 by Michael Lee Strandt, a Phi Theta Kappa graduate of NWTC’s Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement program and holder of several Homeland Security and FEMA certifications, with the hopes to bring his ten years of experience within the field of law enforcement to bare in the realm of the paranormal, of which he has had an interest in for most of his life.

NLPRS does not limit itself to one aspect of the paranormal, but rather approaches it in its entirety… investigating not only haunted locations or apparitions, but UFOs, alien activity, unexplained noises and lights, and unusual animal sightings.

With these factors in mind, NLPRS approaches each investigation as that: an investigation.  A lot of research has gone into both traditional and modern investigative techniques, in an attempt to bring the truth to light; as such, much of the equipment seen on popular televised shows are not used.


Gone are the K2 Meters, which have been proven to give false positive results with but the lightest tap of a finger; instead, NLPRS uses an assortment of industrial grade meters, including the Trifield 100XE EMF Gaussmeter.   Gone are the ghost boxes, which rely heavily on chopped radio frequencies; doing the math, there is roughly an 18% chance that a recognizable word will always be heard, whether an investigation is being performed or not.  Gone are twist activated flashlights which are prone to overheating contacts; candles supply an easy source of raw energy, and can also be used to detect the slightest breeze or draft.  Gone is the use of solitary camera systems, for if something is detected, it only shows on that camera; a dual system is used with the understanding that, should anything be seen, it will be visible on both cameras.

And on and on.

NLPRS prides itself on reviewing, testing, and improving its equipment list, posting everything on its website.  These reviews and tests are open for comment by the general public, who can voice their own findings or opinions


NLPRS takes your confidentiality and security to heart.  Each team member has passed a criminal background check, and before every investigation, all team members involved sign a confidentiality agreement as witnessed by the client.  At no time does the client’s information get released to the public; not the name, not the address, nothing that can be associated with the client.

Not only that, but NLPRS takes your privacy one step further: all evidence collected, whether video or audio, is stored off-site within an encrypted and password protected hard drive.  Should the computers or devices used be stolen, there is no chance that the client’s identities or information will be known.


NLPRS sets the standard for all investigative teams in that we are prepared to go out in the field for days at a time, with little to no loss of equipment or capability.  From camping gear to portable power stations, NLPRS can take the investigation to wherever it may be, no matter if that be the client’s home or out in the middle of the deep woods.

Discovery should not be dependent upon how much USB cable a team has, or how long an extension cord is needed.


Each investigation is geared towards the client’s needs, with an appreciation to the client’s time.  Furthermore, all investigations are treated with the care and attention as would be expected from entering one’s personal space.

The first step with any investigation is a meeting with the client, to add details of the events experienced, to be shown about the area in which the events have occurred, and to answer any questions that the client may have.  It is our job to make you as comfortable with us as possible, just as much as it is in trying to determine the nature of the experiences.

The second step is the collecting of evidence.  It is believed that events witnessed by the client will not be witnessed by new people due to familiarity, much like how people act around a new group.  Should the NLPRS team conduct an investigation, there is a high chance that nothing will happen, but that as soon as the team leaves, the activities will begin as normal.  As such, the NLPRS team will set-up a series of surveillance cameras in key areas that have experienced the highest amount of paranormal activity, which have the capacity to record up to twelve days straight.  Of course, the client has the final say as to where the cameras go, and for how long.

The last step would be a final thorough walk through.  Each member will be going through the premises with infrared cameras, digital voice recorders, thermometers and meters to ensure that a vast amount of evidence from as wide a range as possible can be collected.


Here is where the work truly begins, as the NLPRS team goes through all the evidence.  Depending on how much was collected, the review process can take up to a couple weeks.  NLPRS utilizes different software programs to isolate potential hits, to be further scrutinized by human understanding and further research.  All findings are then brought forth to the entire team to discuss and share thoughts as to the event’s nature, with the collected results being brought forth to the client in a clear and professional manner.

Of course, NLPRS does not try to sell itself as being experts within the field of the paranormal; no team can do as such, not in an area which is clouded within the unknown.


Between participating in the convention scene, continued investigations, and an active role within MUFON, Northern Lights Paranormal Research Society is slowly making a name for itself within northeast Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  Not one member has claimed to be an expert within a field that cannot be proven, nor does any member hold a degree or credential that can be bought through a third party online source.  Everything that NLPRS does is readily available for public scrutiny and open to discussion; the team does not rely on word of mouth to support our findings, but rather through the use of fact checking and the evidence on hand.  Nor does NLPRS form an opinion on something until evidence has been collected or reviewed, as a closed mind limits what one is able to find.


NLPRS strives to maintain open disclosure and a professional approach to each of its investigations, no matter what or where that investigation may be.  Anyone wishing to learn more about the Northern Lights Paranormal Research Society can check them out at, visit them on the web at, or contact them directly via email at  The NLPRS team will be happy to assist you, and to answer any questions which you may have.
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Who we are
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